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China Filling Production Lines

Filling Production Lines

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Customizable Automatic Filling Production Lines For Detergent Liquid

Place of Origin Shang Hai
Brand Name LWT
Certification CE,ISO9001
Product Details
Power Supply:
AC 220V/380V 50Hz/60Hz
Bottle Feeding:
Filling Volume:
Filling Type:
Piston Filling
Filling Accuracy:
+/- 1%
Control System:
Bottle Height:
Touch Screen
High Light: 

detergent Filling Production Lines


Automatic Filling Production Lines


Customizable Detergent Filling Machine

Payment & Shipping Terms
Product Description

Product Description:

Filling Production Lines

The Filling Production Lines are designed to meet the increasing demand for efficient and automated filling processes in various industries. With its advanced technology and reliable performance, this product offers a solution for filling various types of liquids, including fruit jams, liquid detergents, and cosmetic creams.

Power Supply

The Filling Production Lines are equipped with a powerful and stable power supply, which operates at AC 220V/380V and 50Hz/60Hz. This ensures that the machine can run smoothly and consistently, even in areas with unstable power supply.

Control System

The Filling Production Lines are designed with a state-of-the-art PLC control system, which allows for precise and efficient control of the filling process. This system also ensures that the machine can adapt to different types of liquids and bottle sizes, providing a flexible and versatile solution for filling production.


The Filling Production Lines have a high capacity, with the ability to fill 1000-5000 bottles per hour. This makes it an ideal solution for large-scale production, helping businesses to increase their productivity and meet the growing demand for their products.

Bottle Feeding

The Filling Production Lines are equipped with an automatic bottle feeding system, which eliminates the need for manual bottle placement. This not only saves time and labor costs, but also ensures consistent and accurate filling of bottles.

Bottle Type

The Filling Production Lines are suitable for filling various types of bottles, including round, square, and flat bottles. This makes it a versatile solution for businesses that produce different types of products and require different bottle shapes.

Overall, the Filling Production Lines are a reliable and efficient solution for filling processes in various industries. Whether it's fruit jam filling, liquid detergent filling, or cosmetic cream filling, this automatic filling machine is a must-have for businesses looking to improve their production efficiency and meet the demands of their customers.

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  • Product Name: Filling Production Lines
  • Filling Accuracy: +/- 1%
  • Filling Volume: 100-1000ml
  • Bottle Diameter: 30-100mm
  • Bottle Type: Round/Square/Flat
  • Capping Type: Screw/Press/Seal
  • Key Features:
    • High precision filling accuracy of +/- 1%
    • Adjustable filling volume range of 100-1000ml
    • Suitable for filling various bottle types including round, square, and flat bottles
    • Compatible with liquid detergent, fruit jam, and other liquid products
    • Easy to operate and maintain with user-friendly controls
    • Efficient capping system with options for screw, press, or seal capping
    • Customizable to meet specific production needs
    • Compact design for space-saving and efficient production
    • High-speed filling and capping for increased productivity

 Customizable Automatic Filling Production Lines For Detergent Liquid 1

Technical Parameters:

Product Name Filling Production Lines
Model Number N/A
Bottle Feeding Automatic
Filling Volume 100-1000ml
Filling Nozzle Anti-drip
Bottle Diameter 30-100mm
Material Stainless Steel
Power Supply AC 220V/380V 50Hz/60Hz
Filling Accuracy +/- 1%
Bottle Type Round/Square/Flat
Control System PLC
Operation Touch Screen
Key Features Fruit Jam Filling Line, Sauce Filling Machine, liquid detergent filling machine


Filling Production Lines Application

The Filling Production Lines, specifically designed for the food processing industry, are the perfect solution for efficiently and accurately filling sauces into bottles. This automated machine is versatile and can handle a wide range of bottle sizes, making it suitable for various production needs.

Product Attributes:
  • Filling Accuracy: +/- 1%
  • Bottle Diameter: 30-100mm
  • Operation: Touch Screen
  • Bottle Height: 50-300mm
  • Filling Volume: 100-1000ml

The Filling Production Lines are equipped with advanced technology that allows for precise filling of sauces with an accuracy of +/- 1%. This ensures that every bottle is filled to the exact desired amount, reducing product waste and ensuring consistent quality.

The touch screen operation makes it easy for operators to control the machine and adjust settings as needed. This user-friendly interface also allows for quick and efficient training of new operators, saving time and resources for the production line.

The machine can accommodate bottle diameters ranging from 30-100mm and bottle heights from 50-300mm, making it suitable for a variety of bottle sizes commonly used in the food industry. This versatility eliminates the need for multiple filling machines, making the production process more streamlined and cost-effective.

The filling volume can be adjusted from 100-1000ml, making it suitable for various types of sauces such as ketchup, mayonnaise, salad dressing, and more. This flexibility allows for the production of a wide range of products, making the Filling Production Lines a valuable asset for any food processing company.

The Filling Production Lines are also designed for efficient and automated operation, reducing the need for manual labor and increasing productivity. This not only saves time and labor costs but also ensures consistent and hygienic filling of sauces.

In conclusion, the Filling Production Lines, with its precise, versatile, and efficient attributes, is the ideal solution for filling sauces in the food processing industry. Its advanced technology and user-friendly operation make it a valuable addition to any production line, ensuring consistent quality and increased productivity.

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Packing and Shipping:

Packaging and Shipping

Our Filling Production Lines are carefully packaged and shipped to ensure safe delivery to our customers. Each machine is securely wrapped and protected to prevent any damage during transportation. Our packaging also includes clear instructions for assembly and usage of the machine.

We offer various shipping options to accommodate our customers' needs. Depending on the size and weight of the machine, we can arrange for ground, air, or sea shipping. Our experienced logistics team will work with you to determine the best shipping method for your order.

We take great care in the shipping process to ensure that our Filling Production Lines arrive in top condition and ready for immediate use. We also offer tracking information so that you can monitor the status of your shipment.

If you have any special shipping requests or questions, please don't hesitate to contact our customer service team. We are dedicated to providing a smooth and efficient shipping experience for our customers.

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Filling Production Lines Q&A
  • Q: What is the purpose of Filling Production Lines?

    A: The purpose of Filling Production Lines is to automate the process of filling containers with products, increasing efficiency and reducing labor costs.

  • Q: What kind of containers can be filled using this product?

    A: Filling Production Lines can fill a variety of containers, including bottles, cans, jars, and bags.

  • Q: Can this product be customized for different types of products?

    A: Yes, Filling Production Lines can be customized to accommodate different types of products, such as liquids, powders, and granules.

  • Q: How fast can this product fill containers?

    A: The speed of filling containers depends on the specific model and configuration of the Filling Production Line. Some models can fill up to 500 containers per minute.

  • Q: Is this product easy to maintain?

    A: Yes, Filling Production Lines are designed for easy maintenance and cleaning, with easily accessible parts and simple procedures.