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Fully Automatic Sauce Filling Production Line Tomato Sauce Filling Equipment

Place of Origin Shanghai, China
Brand Name Leadworld
Product Details
Filling Machine
Machinery Capacity:
4000BPH, 8000BPH, 12000BPH, 6000BPH, 400BPH, 20000BPH, 16000BPH, 500BPH, 2000BPH, 1000BPH, 100BPH, 200BPH
Applicable Industries:
Food & Beverage Factory, Food Shop, Food & Beverage Shops
Food, Beverage, Chemical
Packaging Type:
Cartons, CANS, Bottles, Barrel, Bags, Pouch, Capsule, Case
Packaging Material:
Plastic, Paper, Metal, Glass, Wood
Automatic Grade:
Driven Type:
Key Selling Points:
Easy To Operate
Filling Accuracy:
Warranty Of Core Components:
3 Year
Core Components:
Motor, Pressure Vessel, Pump, PLC, Gear, Bearing, Gearbox, Engine
Product Name:
Liquid/Paste Filling Machine
Filling Sealing Forming
After-sales Service Provided:
Online Support
Filling Capping Labeling Packaging
Bottle Type:
PET Plastic Bottle
Fillng Machine
Processing Types:
Automatic Bottle Filling Sealing Machine
High Light: 

Tomato Paste Filling Machine


Automatic Sauce Filling Production Line


Automatic Tomato Sauce Filling Equipment

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Product Description

Product Description:

Fully automatic sauce filling production line tomato sauce filling equipment is a complimentary process that starts with Tomato (Fruit or Vegetable). The process kicks off with the tomato's nuclear being dug and then it's turnover further leading to its soda water spraying.

With this the tomato is ready to be peeled and cleaned, following which it is cooked and cooled, as well as picked for the removal of unwanted hairs. After this, it is sliced ready to be filled. Here the bottle washing and depalletizing is done. The next step is pouring the juice from canned tomatoes, and then exhausters are used for sealing after which the products are sterilized inside the dryer and finally packed in sleves of cans. This is put through a palletizer for cans and then stored in the warehouse. Labeling is the last step carried out before the finished productis shipped out with Case packer and Palletizers to the desired destinations.


Fully Automatic Sauce Filling Production Line Tomato Sauce Filling Equipment 0

Working Process:

Empty bottle depalletizing - bottle washing - thick sauce filling machine - sealing machine - sterilizing machine - labeling machine - carton unpacking machine - cartoning machine - carton sealing machine - palletizer

Fully Automatic Sauce Filling Production Line Tomato Sauce Filling Equipment 1




1.Qty of filling head: 2~12 head (depending on the designing).

2.Filling capacity: 50ML-5000ML (Compatible filling capacity tolerance for a single machine is one times. To be determined by customer requirements).

3.Filling method: Equal-liquid level self flowing type.

4.Filling speed: 6~8 bottles/min. head (500ml bottle)

5.Filling accuracy: ±1%.

6.Program control: PLC + touch screen.

7.Main materials: #304 stainless steel, PVC used in food industry.

8.Air pressure: 0.6-0.8Mpa.

9.Conveyer belt: Stainless steel chain belt of 82mm in width. Speed: 0-15m/min. Distance away from the ground: 750mm±25mm.

10.Conveyor motor: 370W frequency conversion speed regulation motor.

11.Power: 1KW/220V single phase.

12.Capacity of material tank: 200L (with liquid level switch). 13.Protective device: Outage alarm on shortage of liquid in the reservoirtank.

Related Machines:

Bottle washing machine
Clamping Bottle Washing machine is new type of bottle washing machine,which was developed This machine is a new type of bottle washing machine,which was developed and designed by Shanghai Leadworld Machinery Technology Co., Ltd on based on absorbing European,USA,Germany advanced technology.applicable to wash many different bottle shapes.the machine also can complete cleaning and blow drying process for such containers as glass bottle,and PET plastic cans without changing any parts,only need to adjust.
Fully Automatic Sauce Filling Production Line Tomato Sauce Filling Equipment 2
Filling Machine
1. Vacuum Preventing Leaking System
2. No Bottle or Lack of Bottle, No Filling System
3. Photoelectric Sensor, Mechatronics Filling Adjustment System
4. Photoelectric Sensor, Material Level Control Feeding System
5. Stainless Steel Frame,Plexiglass as Security Cover
6. Control System: PLC/Electronic-Pneumatic Controlled
7. Operation Panel: "Intelligent" Colorful Touch Screen
8. Filling Accuracy:+-0.5%-1%
9. Capacity Adjustment:All cylinders adjusted automatically combine single cylinder adjusted individually.
10.Container transport:Stainless steel frame and engineering plastic plate chain variable speed conveyor, with photoelectric sensor

Fully Automatic Sauce Filling Production Line Tomato Sauce Filling Equipment 3



Glass Bottle Vacuum Capping Machine


LW-CTS200 Auto Capping Machine includes automatically cap sorting, cap feeding and capping function. The bottles are entering in line, and then continuous capping, high efficiency. It is widely used in industries of cosmetics, food, beverage, medicine, biotechnology, health care, personal care chemical etc. It is suitable for all kinds of bottles with screwed caps.


Fully Automatic Sauce Filling Production Line Tomato Sauce Filling Equipment 4

Automatic Double Side Labeling Machine


Features: LW-901 is mainly composed of SUS304 Chassis; Chain Plate Conveyor Line;Separation Correction; Synxhronition Crimping;Dual-head;Universal Adjustment Sponge Wheel and other institutions,use.Siemens PLC,touch screen;Servo motor as the main compenents,control devices run at high speed.Equipment safety,efficiency,and stability;comply with GMP,CE specifications. Friendly operation interface,easy setting. Mainfunction: product count, output setting, parameters memory, equipment state monitoring,device failure automatic shutdown,alarm fault location and help information.


Fully Automatic Sauce Filling Production Line Tomato Sauce Filling Equipment 5



Case Packer


The fully automatic case packer is widely used in industries such as food, daily chemicals, and chemicals. It is mainly used for packaging bucket-packed jams, concentrates, beverages, and various canned products.

The fully automatic case packer is composed of a frame, bottle feeding conveyor, box feeding conveyor, bottle suction unit, box opening mechanism, and electrical cabinet.


Fully Automatic Sauce Filling Production Line Tomato Sauce Filling Equipment 6



Gantry Palletizing Machine


Structural frame welding bonding method, strong and durable,match with adjustable base.Main machine lifting platform adopt SEW motor;inputting speed belt conveyor help to separate cartons:Machine include roller conveyor of pallet storage area,2.5m length of full stack outputting conveyor,roller conveyor,safety protection device;Adopt Germany Siemens PLC control interface,portable fault automatic display.


Fully Automatic Sauce Filling Production Line Tomato Sauce Filling Equipment 7





Customized Tomato Sauce Filling Production Line

Our Customized Tomato Sauce Filling Production Line is designed to meet your specific needs. It has a high production capacity and can be customized to fit your exact requirements. It is powered by a 220V/380V power supply and has an air pressure range of 0.4-0.6MPa.

Support and Services:

Our Filling Production Line technical support and service includes:

  • 24/7 online technical support
  • On-site installation and commissioning
  • Operation and maintenance training
  • Regular maintenance and repair services
  • Replacement parts and components
  • Fault diagnosis and troubleshooting
  • Product upgrades and updates
  • Consulting and advisory services

Packing and Shipping:

The Filling Production Line is packaged and shipped with the following components:

  • Filling Machine
  • Bottle Rack
  • Filling Nozzle
  • Control Panel
  • Cables and Wires

The components are packaged in an industry-standard box and shipped using a reliable courier service.