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Beverage Filling Production Lines Four-Head Liquid Filling Machine

Place of Origin Shang Hai
Brand Name LWT
Certification CE
Model Number Liquid Filling Packaging Line
Minimum Order 1 SET
Payment Terms L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram, and According to your needs
Product Details

Production Capacity:
Control System:
Filling Method:
Air Pressure:
Power Supply:
Product Name:
Beverage Filling Production Lines
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Four-Head Liquid Filling Machine


Beverage Filling Production Lines

Payment & Shipping Terms
Price Negotiable
Packaging Details
Film bag& plastic cartons& wooden cartons
Delivery Time
45 days
Product Description

Beverage Filling Production Lines Four-Head Liquid Filling Machine


The beverage filling production line is used for filling juice, yogurt, functional drinks, etc.


1. Beverage filling production line process flow


Bottle washing - filling - capping - capping - electromagnetic induction sealing - bottle sterilization - sterilization - air drying - labeling - film packaging (or unpacking - packing - sealing )——Palletizing


Beverage Filling Production Lines Four-Head Liquid Filling Machine 0

2. Characteristics of beverage filling production line


Clamp-type bottle washer: Clamp-type high-pressure bottle washer is mainly used for washing various glass bottles and iron cans, with automatic temperature control; this machine realizes automatic clamping of bottles in and bottles out, achieving the automation of the production line , the entire body is made of SUS304 stainless steel, which is beautiful and hygienic, with a visible hood, well-made, stable operation, and easy to use.

Beverage Filling Production Lines Four-Head Liquid Filling Machine 1


Beverage filling machine: suitable for various industries such as food, beverages, condiments, etc., and can fill different liquids and sauce products. Using Omron sensors, Siemens PLC, Weilon touch screen, Schneider electrical components. Easy to adjust, no need to fill without bottle.

Beverage Filling Production Lines Four-Head Liquid Filling Machine 2


Capping: The fully automatic capping machine has automatic cap sorting, capping and capping functions. Bottles enter in a straight line, capping is continuous, and fast.


Electromagnetic induction sealing machine: The electromagnetic induction sealing machine uses electromagnetism to generate an eddy current magnetic field when it comes into contact with metal materials, causing the metal material to instantly heat up for practical purposes.


The main circuit is designed with overvoltage, overcurrent, overheating, water shortage and other protection circuits and a light flashing alarm circuit, which increases the service life of the equipment.

Beverage Filling Production Lines Four-Head Liquid Filling Machine 3


Inverted bottle sterilizer: It is mainly used to sterilize the parts of the bottle mouth and the inner wall of the bottle cap that have not been sterilized or treated with high temperature after hot filling of juice, tea and other beverages packaged in PET polyester bottles. This machine realizes automatic flipping for sterilization and automatic reset. During the sterilization process, it only needs to use the high temperature of the contents in the bottle to sterilize the bottle mouth and the inner wall of the bottle cap without adding any heat source to achieve energy saving. The bottle pouring sterilizer is made of SUS304 material, which is beautiful and easy to use.

Beverage Filling Production Lines Four-Head Liquid Filling Machine 4

Secondary sterilization: This equipment works stably, has reliable performance, is easy to operate, and has a high degree of production automation.

The body of this equipment is all made of high-quality stainless steel materials, and other parts are also made of durable series materials. The electrical and pneumatic systems use imported components, so the equipment failure rate is low and reliability is high.

Beverage Filling Production Lines Four-Head Liquid Filling Machine 5

Blow dryer: It can remove moisture from the surface of materials, shorten the working time of labeling and packing, and is suitable for assembly line operations and improve the automation of enterprise production.

Beverage Filling Production Lines Four-Head Liquid Filling Machine 6

Labeling: Using Siemens PLC, touch screen, and servo motor as the main components, the control equipment runs at high speed.

The interface is friendly and easy to set up. The main functions include: product counting, output setting, parameter memory, equipment status monitoring, automatic shutdown when equipment fails, alarm to indicate fault location and help function.

Beverage Filling Production Lines Four-Head Liquid Filling Machine 7

Film packaging: combination packaging of beverages, mineral water, beer, pharmaceutical bottles and other products. The packaging does not require a bottom support and the product is fastened after packaging. Beautiful.

Beverage Filling Production Lines Four-Head Liquid Filling Machine 8

Shanghai LWT mainly provides customized canning production line equipment, fully automatic filling machine production lines, packaging production lines and overall line planning for major food cans, beverages and other factories. Niwei has provided canning and filling services to many domestic and foreign companies. , packaging production line solutions, including Linjia Puzi, Shanghai Meilin, COFCO, Jiangsu Yuguan, Mixue Bingcheng, Gutian Daoxiang, Jiajiahong, Huanhuanjia, Chuangfa Food, Lameizi, Petty, Kangda, AUSTIN, DELTA FOOD INDUSTRIES FZC, OPAL, ELETSKIY MYASOKOMBINAT, etc. Based on our years of accumulated industry experience, we can also provide you with excellent and suitable products, services and solutions.



Q1: What is your company’s main products?

Canning production line, filling production line, prepared vegetable production line and packaging production line, various stand-alone equipment (bottle washing machine, filling machine, labeling machine, cartoning machine, palletizer, conveyor line, etc.)

Q2: What is delivery date of your products?

Delivery date is 30 working days usually most of the machines.

Q3: What is payment term?

Deposit 30% in advance and 70% before shipment the machine.

Q4:Are you manufacturer or trading company?

We are manufacture verified by ALIBABA and we have our own design team.

Q5:Where are you located? Is it convenient to visit you?

We are located in Shanghai. Traffic is very convenient.

Q6:How can you guarantee quality?

1.We have completed working system and procedures and we follow them very strictly.

2.Our different worker is responsible for different working process, their work is confirmed,and will always operate this process, so very experienced.

3.The electrical pneumatic components are from the world famous companies,such as Germany's Siemens, Japanese Panasonic etc.

4.We will do strict test running after the machine is finished.

5.Our machines are certified by CE.

Q7:Can you design the machine according to our requirements?

Yes. We not only can customize the machine according to your technical drawing, but also can he new machine according to your requirements.

Q8:Can you offer overseas technical support?

Yes. We can send engineer to your company to set the machine and train your worker if needed.

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