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Company news about How to fill canned mushrooms?

How to fill canned mushrooms?


Latest company news about How to fill canned mushrooms?


Mushrooms are delicious and delicious, which is the favorite of many people.

In addition to being often seen in classic Chinese cuisine, mushrooms are also the star side dishes of European pizza, Korean sauce soup, Vietnamese noodles and many other world cuisine.

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People in many countries have a hobby of eating mushrooms, so there is a considerable overseas market for mushroom products.

LWT's cooperative canned mushroom production enterprises have received a lot of popularity abroad.

Fresh mushrooms will quickly change color, taste and quality after picking at room temperature, so it is not suitable for long-distance transportation export.

Therefore, the most common overseas sales are dried mushrooms and canned mushrooms.

Canned mushroom is a kind of canned product made of fresh mushroom as raw material, which is resistant to storage and can keep the color and flavor of fresh mushroom to a great extent.

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Compared with dried mushroom products, canned mushrooms are more popular because it not only maximizes the nutritional value and crisp taste of mushrooms, but also makes it more convenient to open and eat, and removes the smell of mushrooms that many people do not like.

The mushroom canned food production line  has been introduced in detail by LWT before. it is divided into the steps of raw material acceptance, "rinsing" classification "pretreatment (color protection, pre-cooking)" cooling "selection, shaping, (slice)" metering canning "vacuum sealing" sterilization "cooling" inspection and so on.

Today, LWT will mainly introduce the filling method of mushrooms.

According to the output, it can be divided into manual filling and automatic filling.

Those with low output will generally choose manual canning.

For large production, mushroom automatic filling equipment can be used, generally there are measuring cup filling machine and vibration filling machine.

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Because the shape of the mushroom is relatively special, the machine extrusion is easy to break, and it is very easy to stick to the outer wall of the machine, so there are few fully automatic filling equipment suitable for filling mushrooms, which are generally supplemented by manpower. but compared with pure manual filling, the manpower required is already very little.

Measuring cup filling machine can adjust the filling range, filling is more accurate, suitable for filling vegetables, fruits, corn, beans and other products, using it to fill mushroom slices can get a better filling effect; vibration filling machine is through the vibration plate to shake off the mushroom into the jar, the filling speed is very fast, but the precision is not high, the need for manual re-weighing.

After the completion of the filling, you can get a can of canned mushrooms after pouring the soup and then entering the follow-up production and processing process.

According to the relevant investigation report, the consumption of canned mushrooms in the international market is increasing, so enterprises interested in joining the production of canned mushrooms should contact LWT as soon as possible. we have a wealth of engineering cases to provide constructive advice and guidance for your whole plant planning.