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SHANGHAI LWT INTELLIAENT TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD latest company Applications about Pickled cucumber bottle clamping Conveyor For American

Pickled cucumber bottle clamping Conveyor For American


Latest company news about Pickled cucumber bottle clamping Conveyor For American

This American customer produces canned pickled cucumbers. When receiving the customer's inquiry, we inquired in detail about the customer's product output, the type of machine that needs to be connected, and the size of the location, so that we can accurately calculate the required length of the conveyor line. After understanding the general situation, we drew a sketch for the customer immediately, and the customer was very satisfied.


The bottle clamp-type conveyor line required by customers can be suitable for transporting glass bottles, iron cans, plastic bottles, cans, and other containers. It has the characteristics of high capacity, speed, stability, and saving factory space. This conveyor line fits the customer's needs very well. After the customer chose us, we repeatedly confirmed the docking and installation details with the customer. After detailed communication, the customer easily concluded the transaction out of trust in our expertise.


The conveyor line was installed and running in good condition. The customer expressed satisfaction and the machine has not had any problems so far.