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SHANGHAI LWT INTELLIAENT TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD latest company Applications about Italian shampoo filling line

Italian shampoo filling line


Latest company news about Italian shampoo filling line

The Italian customer needed a shampoo filling line. The customer had many shampoo bottle types and one piece of equipment was not enough, so we designed and configured two machines with different filling capacities for the customer, as well as two capping machines.
The labeling machine also requires special parts. Since the customer's labels have a higher hardness, we specially designed and added a brush to the customer's machine.
After the equipment was installed, it ran well. Customers recognized the quality of Niwei's machines, and our packaging and transportation were also highly praised by customers.
After-sales service: There was a problem with the customer's conveyor line accessories. We promptly sent it to him and asked if he had any other questions. The customer was very satisfied with our after-sales service.