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SHANGHAI LWT INTELLIAENT TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD latest company Applications about Custom Basket Fram Washing Machine For Australian

Custom Basket Fram Washing Machine For Australian


Latest company news about Custom Basket Fram Washing Machine For Australian

The products made by this Australian customer are bacon and cooked meat. When the products are transported, they will leave a lot of oil stains, so they need to order a basket washing machine.


The LWT basket washing machine mainly uses hot water washing, high-pressure washing, and rinsing to clean. It has a good stain-removal effect and no dead ends. It saves 7-8 manpower compared to manual cleaning methods and saves about 70% of water consumption.


The transfer guide rod can be adjusted in size to adapt to the cleaning of different containers (turnover baskets, trays, boxes, pallets). The parts that need to be cleaned are easy to disassemble and wash, making cleaning and maintenance easy.


We introduced the advantages of Niwei basket washing machines to customers in detail and tried our best to match the customers' production needs and choose suitable cleaning equipment for them. Considering that the customer's local regulations on steam heating are strict, we considered using electric heating for him.


After receiving the goods, the customer expressed satisfaction and the machine has not had any problems so far.