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SHANGHAI LWT INTELLIAENT TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD latest company Applications about Canned Strawberry Filling Line For Egyptian

Canned Strawberry Filling Line For Egyptian


Latest company news about Canned Strawberry Filling Line For Egyptian

This customer comes from Egypt and opens a strawberry canning factory. When receiving inquiries from it, we inquired about their needs in detail, including product process flow, factory location and dimensions, and existing equipment, and gave more pertinent and targeted suggestions. We planned a series of automated production for our customers. process solution, but due to individual reasons, the customer only purchased the necessary equipment.


We sent video cases of relevant equipment to customers so that the customer could better understand the functions and usage effects of the equipment.


Initially, the on-site drawings given by the customer were hand-drawn, and later they were given CAD versions. The two were slightly different, so we repeatedly confirmed with the customer to ensure that the factory details were designed correctly to avoid affecting the installation and use of the equipment.


Although the customer was hesitant at first because of the price, considering LWT customization, the high quality of the equipment, the professional experience, and the trust of many big brands, he finally chose to use LWT equipment.


In order to put the customer into production as soon as possible, our staff were still stepping up the installation on the eve of the New Year, and the customer was very satisfied with it.