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Robot carton palletizing system

Robot carton palletizing system

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The production line is suitable for packaging plastic flat bottles, round bottles, irregular shaped bottles, glass bottles of various sizes, round bottles, oval bottles, square cans and paper cans, etc. It is also suitable for packaging boxes with partitions.
At the beginning of the product packaging, there are four lines in parallel, two of which are for product supply, and complete high-speed finishing and sorting of products; the other two lines are for cardboard unpacking and packaging carton supply. After the product is sorted, the boxing robot is placed in the opened carton. After theprocess is completed, the carton is discharged to the next process, and then merged into one line for transportation, and the calibration, sealing, labeling, packaging, and finishing are completed in sequence. Robot palletizing and warehousing procedures. This system uses PLC+ touch screen display control. The entire system is unmanned.

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