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Pro-cooking machine

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pro-cooking machine / pro-cooking machine for fruit/ pro-cooking machine for vegetables(key words)

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Leadworld is a mechanical pre-cooking machine. This equipment is specially used for cooking and softening materials such as water, enzymes, and killing. The pre-cooking machine is one of the raw material pretreatment equipments in the processing of fruits and vegetables, and is mostly used for softening and killing enzymes of fruits such as peaches and apricots before enucleation and beating.

Equipment characters:

1, steam pre-cooked, the effect is better

2, the machine can continuously prohibit feeding, cooking and discharging, equipped with advanced motor can be stepless speed regulation, perfectly integrated in the entire production line, high efficiency

3, the equipment can be automatically temperature controlled, cooking temperature and time can be adjusted according to the variety of materials and processing technology

4、The equipment is made of SUS304 stainless steel, which meets the requirements of food grade, safe and sanitary.

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