OEM manufacturer Honey Jar Filling Machine - automatic servo model bottle filling machine – Leadworld Machinery factory and suppliers | Leadworld

OEM manufacturer Honey Jar Filling Machine - automatic servo model bottle filling machine – Leadworld Machinery

OEM manufacturer Honey Jar Filling Machine - automatic servo model bottle filling machine – Leadworld Machinery

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OEM manufacturer Honey Jar Filling Machine - automatic servo model bottle filling machine – Leadworld Machinery,


LW-FM automatic servo driving filling machine is improved according to cylinder filling system. Adopt servo system, higher filling accurate. More stable, easy to operate, lower energy consumption, lower noisy.

Cleaning quickly, also can adjust quickly, exchange quickly. The volume of cylinder body is adjusted by stepless-speed. It can be used to different filling rang and different kinds of liquid. Filling one time. You can adjust each volume of cylinder body separately.

Adopt PLC control, you can adjust filling range, adjust machine, or exchange variety by the touch screen. Input bottle, set position, filling, bottle outputting automaticlly. If the bottle haven’t arrived to designated spot, or bottle blocking, or the liquid outputting pipe haven’t been setted well, the machine will stop work until the questions is overcome.


产量Capacity 灌装范围Filling volume 灌装精度Filling accuracy













液体 liquid≤0.5%









Accessories list:

Accessories name


Quality ranking



Best PLC In the world

Since 1847

Control screen


Best brand In the world

Since 1847

Electrical elements


Top three in the world

Since 1920

Pneumatic element


BEST bran in China

Since 1988

Amphenol connector


leading level in the world

Since 1948



leading level in the world

Since 1968



leading level in the world

Since 1964


 Japan it is waterproof

leading level in the world

Since 1974

Material Frame is SUS304, liquid connect part is SUS316L  
Pipe Imported high quality compression resistance steel pipe  

Filling principle instruction:

This machine adopt servo driving system. When servo motor drive the ball screw to move download.


The piston rod to move the piston down, the piston in the tube also move downward.  the material through the inlet check valve is sucked into the material tube; the other hand, the piston moves up, the piston in material pipe is also move up, the material through the export check valve was pressed into the irrigation Head, so as to achieve the filling process. The speed can be adjusted according to the viscosity of the material.
Third, performance and characteristics:

1) all parts of materials are used stainless steel processing, satisfied with GMP requirements;
2) pneumatic components and electrical products for the world well-known brand products;
3) filling mouth with anti-drip function, can be changed to lift for high foam products;
4) to achieve a rapid adjustment of the overall filling volume, the use of counter display; each head of the filling volume can be individually fine-tuning, convenient and quick.
5) PLC programming control, touch-type man-machine interface, parameter setting convenient. Fault self-diagnostic function, fault display at a glance;
6) Filling the interface parts with clamp connection, cleaning disassembly easy.
7) In order to prevent the expansion of the piston, all the piston with PTFE material, especially for the temperature of the product.

Machine instruction:

It is made of machine frame, product tank, servo motor, ball screw, pipe tube, cylinder, filling head, control container, operation box, elevator mechanism, bottle retain device and bottle clip device.

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Q1: What is your company’s main products?
Filling Production line, Palletizer, Conveyors, Sterilizer, Sealing machines, Capping Machines, Packing Machines, Labeling Machines and so on.

Q2: What is delivery date of your products?
Delivery date is 30-40 working days usually most of the machines.

Q3: What is payment term?
Deposit 30% in advance and 70% before shipment the machine.

Q4:Are you manufacturer or trading company?
We are manufacture verified by SGS/BV/CE company and we have our own design team.

Q5:Where are you located? Is it convenient to visit you?
We are located in Shanghai. Traffic is very convenient.

Q6:How can you guarantee quality?
1.We have completed working system and procedures and we follow them
very strictly.
2.Our different worker is responsible for different working process, their work
is confirmed,and will always operate this process, so very experienced.
3.The electrical pneumatic components are from the world famous companies,
such as Germany’s Siemens, Japanese Panasonic etc.
4.We will do strict test running after the machine is finished.
5.Our machines are certified by SGS,ISO,CE.

Q7:Can you design the machine according to our requirements?
Yes. We not only can customize the machine according to your technical
drawing, but also can make new machine according to your requirements.

Q8:Can you offer overseas technical support?
Yes. We can send engineer to your company to set the machine and train your
worker if needed.

Q9: Why our customers trust and choose us?


2.we have stocks

3.delivery fast

4.senior engineer

5.competitive price

6.high quality

7.strict quality control

8.over 10 years experience

9.provide test

10.varity of goods

11.excellent after-sales services

12.advanced machinery and equipment



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