Strawberry Jam Automated Production Process

Strawberry, known as the “Queen of Fruits”, its bright red and compact appearance, rich fragrant flavor, delicate and tender flesh, and sweet and sour taste make many people salivate .

strawberry jam

Strawberries are also very popular decorations in desserts such as ice cream and cakes. Because of the price, most people eat strawberry products instead of buying strawberries directly as fruit. For example, for birthday cakes, the number one selling fruit cake should be the strawberry cake.

strawberry jam

The storage period after picking strawberries is very short. A large number of fresh strawberries need to be processed through special preservation techniques to ensure good quality and stable supply. Deep processing is an important way to increase the added value of strawberries. Strawberry jam, which we often eat in toast, bread, and milk tea, is one of the deep processing methods.

strawberry jam

Today, LWT will introduce the production process of strawberry jam.

1. Raw Material Pretreatment: Choose fresh fruits with appropriate maturity, good quality, stalks and sepals for strawberries, remove mold and rotten fruits, and rinse to remove sediment;

2. Blanching: Put the raw materials into boiling water and blanch for about 1 min to soften the pulp, make the beating smoothly, and inactivate enzymes to prevent browning;

3. Vacuum Concentration: pump the strawberry and sugar liquid into the vacuum tank, adjust the vacuum degree, heat and soften for 5-10 minutes, then increase the vacuum degree to 0.08Mpa, concentrate to 60-63% of soluble solids, add it and melt it well The citric acid, etc., continue to concentrate until the slurry concentration is 67-68%, turn off the vacuum pump, break the vacuum and continue heating until the slurry temperature reaches 98℃-102℃, stop heating, stir evenly, and put the pot into the pot;

4. Filling and Sealing: Because jam contains high acid content, glass bottles or iron cans with acid-resistant paint are generally used as containers. When filling, the temperature of the sauce body should not be lower than 85℃, leaving a 3~4 mm headspace between the sauce body and the bottle mouth, and at the same time prevent the sauce body from contaminating the bottle mouth and outer wall, and seal it immediately after filling;

strawberry jam filling machine

(LWT Thick Sauce Filling Machine)

5. Sterilization and Cooling: immediately put into boiling water for sterilization after capping, cool the water to 35-40℃, and blow dry the tank;

6. Back-end Packaging: canned food palletizing, labeling and boxing.

There are many ways to eat strawberry jam. In addition to the traditional way of spreading bread, you can also try the popular version of homemade milk tea shop–strawberry fresh milk, sweet and sour strawberry jam plus a certain proportion of whipped cream and fresh milk, and you’re done.

Or use it to make jam cakes, jam sandwiches, and jam biscuits. In short, as long as you have strawberry jam, you can eat it whatever you want.

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Post time: Jul-16-2021
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