Production process of canned pear

Pear is the most common fruit in the fruit store in China. Its fresh, juicy, sweet and sour flesh gives it the reputation of “natural mineral water”.

canned pear

At the turn of the season, when colds occur frequently, many people can’t forget to have a bowl of rock sugar stewed Sydney.

Because pears have the benefits of moisturizing the lungs and relieving cough, when you eat a bowl, you immediately feel a hundred times more comfortable, and your cough is also reduced a lot.

I remember when I caught a cold when I was a child, my family always bought a can of the  canned pears . I wish I was sick every day in order to taste the sweet taste.

canned pear

Although canned pears are something we used to eat, I believe there are many people who don’t know how to do it.

Today, LWT will introduce the production line process of canned pears in syrup.

The first is the choice of raw materials.

Choose pears with fresh and full fruit, high maturity, medium size, round or pear-shaped fruit, and smooth fruit surface.

The second is cleaning.

The dust, sediment and a large number of microorganisms adhered to the fruit surface were washed with normal temperature water, and some chemical reagents were added to the water to remove pesticide residues and insect eggs on the pericarp surface.

The third is to take off the handle and remove the skin.

First remove the fruit stalk, then peel it with a machine, and immediately soak it in 1% – 2% salt water to prevent discoloration.

The fourth is to split the heart.

Cut the pear, cut out the core and calyx, and remove the mechanical injury, insect pest spots and residual pericarp manually.

Fifth, color protection.

The cut pieces are immediately immersed in 1% -2% salt water or 0.5% -1% citric acid aqueous solution to protect the color.

The sixth is to make time for treatment and pre-cooking.

According to the browning degree of pear varieties, sugar water, salt water or color protection solution were selected as the emptying liquid, and the vacuum time was based on the transparent shape of the fruit.

The hot water method is used for pre-cooking, which is scalded for 2-5 minutes at a temperature of not less than 90 degrees Celsius, whichever is not rotten.

The seventh is canning.

The qualified pieces are canned according to the size, color and maturity of the pieces. 55% of the pieces and 45% of the sugar solution are filled in each jar. The sugar solution should be immersed in the pulp to prevent discoloration.

LWT Multihead Weigher Filling Machine

(LWT Automatic solids filling machine)

Eighth, exhaust and sealing cans.

Pear pieces should be vented and sealed after canning and sugar injection.

Finally is sterilization and cooling.

Because canned pears are acidic food and their pH is low, they are generally sterilized with boiling water.

Sterilization time is related to the original temperature of the material and the size of the can, such as 500 grams of cans, sterilization time is about 20 minutes; 822 grams of cans, sterilization time is about 25 minutes.

LWT Water bath sterilization machine

(LWT Water bath sterilization machine)

The can should be cooled immediately after sterilization to prevent the pear meat from being too soft, the color getting worse and the sugar liquid turbid due to the high temperature.

The next time you see canned pears when you go to the supermarket, you might as well buy one and try it and recall the sweet taste of childhood.

In addition to eating directly, it is also a good choice to make a pear Tremella soup or pear lily porridge from a can.

Sydney Tremella Soup

(Sydney Tremella Soup)


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