Problems needing attention in selecting filling machine

At present, with the rapid development of economy, the degree of industrialization of China is getting higher and higher. In order to adapt to the times and save production costs, many enterprises are updating all kinds of production equipment to the direction of mechanization and intelligence, and the filling machine is also upgrading rapidly.

In food, beverage, condiment, medicine, daily chemical, chemical and other industries, filling machine plays an important role, even can be said to be an indispensable part.

According to the nature of different products, the classification of filling machines is becoming more and more refined, there are many options, laymen may not know how to choose.

So, what should enterprises consider when choosing filling machines?

1. Meet the production needs of enterprises

First of all, the appropriate filling machine should be selected according to the nature of the filling material (liquid, paste, sauce or solid, bubble, volatile, corrosive, explosive), filling quantity and filling bottle type.

Secondly, according to the size of the production scale, the precision and automation of the filling machine are selected to meet the production requirements.

Finally, the production capacity of the filling machine should be matched with the production capacity of the pre-and post-processing and packaging machinery.

multi-head scale filling machine


(LWT multi-head scale Filling Machine)

six-head liquid filling machine

(LWT six-head Liquid Filling Machine)

pickle filling machine

(LWT Pickle Filling Machine)

2. Meet the hygiene level

Due to the special hygiene requirements of the beverage, condiment and pharmaceutical industry, the parts where the filling machine is in direct contact with materials should use hygienic stainless steel materials, should also be easy to disassemble and clean, no dead corners are allowed, and there should be reliable sealing measures. strictly prevent sundries and material loss.

3. Smooth operation and convenient maintenance

Whether it is direct-flow filling machine (suitable for liquid filling) or piston filling machine (suitable for paste, sauce body, liquid filling), smooth operation and accurate filling is the first, which is also the most basic requirement for filling equipment.

In order to facilitate installation, operation, adjustment and follow-up maintenance, the structure of the filling machine should be easy to disassemble and assemble, equipped with universal and standardized parts, and the filling machine with high performance-to-price ratio should be selected.

If you are struggling to choose which brand of filling equipment is better, you might consider LWT’s filling machine series, the above selection points can be satisfied by the filling machine.

The LWT filling machine adopts electrical components and spare parts of well-known brands at home and abroad to ensure the smooth operation of the machine; 304 or 316 stainless steel is selected for the contact part between the filling machine and materials; the filling nozzle is detachable for easy maintenance; the whole machine adopts 304 stainless steel with a clean and beautiful appearance; the filling accuracy of liquid filling machine can be controlled within ±0.5%, and that of thick sauce filling machine can be controlled within ±1%.

If you still don’t know how to choose the equipment after seeing so much, don’t worry, you are welcome to call and consult the professional sales staff of LWT. We will answer all your questions with the most sincere attitude and put forward constructive suggestions.

To bring customers cost-effective quality choice, long-term economic benefits and sustainable development is the original intention that will never change, choose LWT is to choose rest assured!

Post time: Sep-10-2021
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