One Piece Wrapping Machine For Carton

Automatic one piece wrapping machine for carton is my company on the basis of foreign advanced technology, independent research and development of new type of automated packaging equipment. The machine is suitable for canned, beverages, condiments, beer, wine, milk, instant noodles, article, printing ink, cosmetic, tobacco and other industries of glass bottles, tin cans, cans, PET bottles, pp plastic bottles, plastic cups, square products carton glue wrapped package.,



1.According to the different running speed to extrude evently.

2.Simple man-machine interface operation and safety protection.

3.Standard chain and international famous hot sol devicce; To adapt to a variety of bottle type, easy to adjust.

4.using the SEW motor, SMC peneumatic components and schneider Siemens control system, low voltage components such as the international first-class components, improve equipment stabiligy.

5.Compare with traditional carton can save 20-30% area, save raw materials, cost savings.

6.Improve the production efficiency, save manpower, and completely replace manual packing and unpacking, artificial and sealing.

7.Use hot melt sealing alternatives to traditional packing tape, accord with environmental protection and health.

Post time: Jul-01-2020
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