LWT Changed A New LOGO,Which Means New Image, A New Starting Point, A New Journey

Friends who have been following LWT for a long time must have noticed that we have a new LOGO. With the change of the times and the development and growth of the company, LWT’s brand vision has also changed to the direction of modern, fresh, bright and innovative.


The new logo is composed of pictures and text, making the overall senses more concise and direct.

The main tone chooses the dark blue as quiet as the sea, giving people a sense of calm, vastness, peace of mind and trustworthiness; adding orange contrast color as embellishment enriches the picture color and increases the visual impact and LOGO memory point.

The following is a specific introduction to the moral of LOGO.

The left part of the graph:

The overall figure is a cube with a great sense of modernity, which conveys the upright and atmospheric spirit of the enterprise.


The figure on the left is a deformation of the letter “L”, which represents that leadworld, is also like an arched palm, holding up the responsibility and responsibility of the enterprise.


The upper right takes the concrete representation of the filling mouth and the dripping thick sauce to build a cube, but also vividly highlights LWT’s representative main product–the filling production line.


          The right part of the text:

The capital letter “LWT” is the initials of the LeadWorld Technology. The upper right corner of the word “T” is cleverly integrated with the can icon, highlighting LWT’s advantage in the main product–the can production line.


The lower Chinese has also been changed from “Leadworld Machinery” to “Leadworld Technology”. The font is not only closer to the current flattening trend, but also shows the breakthrough and transformation of LWT in the direction of intelligence and scientific and technological innovation.

LWT and Leadworld

That’s all about LWT’s new logo. What do you think of our LOGO?

New logo, new starting point, new journey, LWT will continue to go to the great future with a new look. I hope you will always be with you in the future!

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Post time: May-28-2021
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