How to quickly GET the same delicious canned red beans in the milk tea shop?

“Red berries grow in southern land,how many load in spring the trees!Gather them till full is your hand,they would revive fond memories.” This poem is the first poem that comes to mind when many people mention red beans.

In addition to expressing lovesickness, red bean is also the most common ingredient in life. Its effect of enriching the blood and nourishing beauty and its sweet, soft and waxy taste are very popular. It is often used to cook soup or porridge, and it is also made into red bean paste for dessert processing and production.

On a hot summer day, a mouthful of cool and sweet red bean smoothies can instantly wipe away the heat. Red bean pearl milk tea, red bean double skin milk, red bean milkshake, red bean taro round … Such a variety of red beans should be an essential ingredient for every milk tea shop.

Canned red beans

Foodies who often drink milk tea must have seen the staff of the milk tea shop take delicious red beans out of big cans. Are you curious about how the red beans are made?

Next, let LWT answer it for you. (The following is just a general process. The production process of each manufacturer will be different depending on its process.).

1. Material Selection

After red beans are purchased and shelled from the farm, small beans and impurities are screened with a sieve (pore size can be seen as red beans), and unqualified beans such as moth-eaten, mottled, shrunken and broken beans are selected.

2. Soaking

Soak in clean water for 24-48 hours (change the water several times in the middle, the soaking time varies with climate and variety, to prevent high temperature deterioration).

Make the beans fully absorb water and expand, but do not sprout or break.

3. Filtering

Use a sieve with a larger aperture to screen out small beans and unsoaked beans, and select unqualified beans.

4. Cleaning and pre-cooking

The washed red beans are precooked in a pre-cooking machine and boiled in water at 90-95 ℃ until fully cooked.

 LWT Cleaning Machine)

(LWT Cleaning Machine)

5. Filling

Pick out stiff beans, dried shrunken beans, mixed beans and broken peas; after weighing and filling machine, fill red beans with normal color, full and complete grain shape in the cleaned container.

 Empty Can Palletizer

(Empty Can Palletizer)

6. Dripping soup

Pour the prepared sugar water into the red bean jar through the liquid filling machine.

7. Exhaust & seal

After the soup is drenched, the cans should be sealed in time and vacuum quickly at the same time for the purpose of keeping fresh and quality.

8. Sterilization and cooling

Sealed cans also need further sterilization, usually choose water bath pasteurization cooling all-in-one machine, the can body is heated evenly, the germicidal effect is good.

After sterilization and cooling, the canned red beans need to be kept for 12 days or more. An automatic palletizer can be used to put the canned beans in the designated position in the warehouse.

Wait for the end of the static time, observe the tank body non-expansion tank damage and other anomalies, you can label the box.

The weather is getting hotter and hotter, tired of eating iced watermelons, you can also try an iced red bean coconut milk Simi Lu, with red bean Coix seed cold cake as an after-dinner snack, delicious and relieving summer heat. Are you sure you don’t want to think about it?

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Post time: Jun-24-2021
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