How to choose the appropriate canned sterilization equipment?

In order to prolong the shelf life of food, people have created many solutions, canning is one of them.

However, many people are biased against canned food, believing that its long shelf life is due to the addition of a large number of preservatives, but it is not. The reason for the long shelf life of canned food is its production process.

Generally speaking, after the processed food is put into the packaging container, it has to go through the process of sealing and sterilization.

Sterilization is the most important step in the canning process, which is directly related to the shelf life and quality of cans.

As we all know, the main cause of food deterioration is microbial contamination, and the principle of canned sterilization is to inactivate the microorganisms in canned food so as to prolong the shelf life of food.

Most microorganisms are suitable to grow in the environment of pH6-7. In acidic and highly acidic foods, the heat resistance of microorganisms and their spores is greatly weakened, so the sterilization method of canned food is largely determined by the pH value of the food.

At present, canned food is usually sterilized by thermal sterilization, using high temperature to sterilize canned food, including steam, hot water and so on.

In the process of sterilization, the corresponding sterilization requirements can be achieved through effective control of temperature, pressure and time.

The common heating sterilization methods are pasteurization (atmospheric pressure low temperature method) and high temperature and high pressure method.

Pasteurization is often used for some highly acidic canned fruits and vegetables.

LWT roller pasteurization machine the highest heating temperature of 98 ℃,suitable for larger round cans (≥3kg), high central temperature, roller design so that the material can be uniformly heated, sterilization effect is good; spray sterilizer temperature up to 70-80℃, jam, fruit juice and other plastic bottles, glass bottles and other products; plate water bath sterilizer temperature up to 90℃, straight in and out, suitable for all kinds of canned, seasoning sterilization.

roller pasteurizer

(Roller Pasteurizer)

Spray Sterilizer

(Spray Sterilizer)

 plate water bath sterilizer

( Plate Water Bath Sterilizer)

Meat, aquatic products and some canned vegetables are low-acid foods with strong microbial heat resistance, so a higher temperature should be used. It is usually higher than 100 ℃, up to 121 ℃, and the sterilization time should be prolonged accordingly.

Therefore, sterilization autoclave is often selected for high temperature and pressure sterilization.

The sterilization methods such as steam, water bath, spray and rotation can be selected according to the product characteristics and process requirements, and the sterilization temperature, time and pressure can be set by ourselves.



Canned food has always been an important part of food in China. In the process of handling canned food, the importance of exhaust, sealing and sterilization should be made clear, and the corresponding sterilization methods should be selected according to the situation of the food itself, and it can be effectively packaged in order to ensure food safety and consumers can rest assured to choose and buy the goods they like.

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Post time: Aug-25-2021
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