Delicious canned litchi makes it easy for you to realize ” litchi freedom”

With the gradual rise of the temperature, litchi is also on the market one after another. The bright red appearance, glittering and translucent flesh and sweet taste of litchi not only make the poetry of writers through the ages, but also provide endless creative inspiration for painters and craftsmen.

  litchi Canned

Whether it is Su Shi’s “eating 300 litchi a day, not refusing to grow up as a native of Lingnan”, or the well-known “smile appeared on face of Concubine Yang,when a horse galloped out of full dust”, it has made litchi famous and become one of the famous fruits with its own aura.

Litchi is sweet and delicious, and everyone loves it, but as the saying goes, “one handful of litchi, three fires”, litchi contain high sugar, and eating large amounts of litchi will lead to fever, hypoglycemia and so on, so you should not eat too many fresh litchi.

It is easy to get heaty when eating litchi directly, but when cooked, it will become much milder than the original, so canned litchi is a good choice, which not only tastes equally sweet, but also prolongs the shelf life of litchi. Today, LWT will introduce to you the production process of canned litchi.

  litchi Canned

1.Raw material handling (cleaning--grading--Pitting)

Select 80-90% of the mature fruit, most of the peel is bright red (except for special varieties), remove small fruit, rotten fruit, bad fruit, and then wash and grade.

Use the Stone removal machine to align the pedicle handle, punch the hole to remove the pedicle handle, clip the core, peel off the shell, and rinse with running water.

2. Shape modification and finishing

Remove flat, soft, broken, spots and other unqualified pulp, modify the pulp with nuclear chips, nuclear membrane, nuclear stalk, and then wash it in running water, the shorter the time, the better, minimize the time of contact with the air, so as not to prevent the pulp from turning red.

3. Filling dripping soup 

Empty cans should be washed, then disinfected with boiling water, use filling machine to fill pulp, after canning, immediately send to sprinkle soup.

LWT Multihead Weigher Filling Machine

(LWT Multihead Weigher Filling Machine)

4. Exhaust seal 

Immediately after filling the sugar water into the exhaust box, the temperature in the exhaust box is about 90 ℃, the central temperature of the can is kept at 75-80 ℃, and sealed immediately after exhaust.

5. Sterilization and cooling

Use a pasteurized water bath sterilizer to sterilize the sealed cans, heat them for a certain period of time, and then cool them quickly with cold water.

LWT Water bath sterilization machine

(LWT Water Bath Sterilization Machine)

After drying, it is palletized, set aside for a period of time, and then sold in a labeled box.

Friends who do not live in litchi origin such as Liangguang and Fujian may have to think twice to realize “litchi freedom”, and if they want to eat litchi, they can only wait for summer, but canned litchi can accompany you throughout spring, summer, autumn and winter, as long as you want to eat, it will always be there.

So, live up to its waiting,Let’s go to eat lychee frozen yogurt, lychee sweet-scented osmanthus jelly, litchi citronella soda, litchi mojito !



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Post time: Jul-08-2021
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