Advantages and Daily Maintenance Of Automatic Palletizer

Automatic palletizer is a high-tech product with the integration of machinery and electricity. in automatic industrial production, palletizer has a wide range of use and demand, so which of its characteristics are better than manual, and become a wise choice for more and more factories?

LWT Servo Palletizer

(LWT Servo Palletizer)

1. High Production Capacity

Compared with the traditional manual unloading, the palletizer has the advantages of long working hours and more tasks.

2.High Efficiency

The robot does not need frequent rest, and the palletizing efficiency is several times higher than that of manual work.

3. Heavy Load

The total amount of goods carried is so large that even if it exceeds the load capacity of the palletizer, accessories such as wire ropes play a protective role.


After the material is packed, the speed and height of the stacker can be controlled by itself, and the stack is higher. At the same time, it also improves the use efficiency of the forklift and the utilization rate of the warehouse.

5. Accurate positioning

No matter how complex the goods are, they can be accurately positioned through the conversion of the palletizer, and the goods can be stored in a short period of time.

LWT side push palletizer

(LWT side push palletizer)

Automatic palletizer is favored by various industries because of its above-mentioned advantages.Under normal operating conditions, its work efficiency is very high, and it can realize automatic operation.

But if there is a failure, the cost of maintenance is small, the delay in production progress can be a big problem, so the usual maintenance and maintenance is very important.

1. There are many lubricating parts of the palletizer, and the lubricating oil added by different parts is also different, which must be added according to the operating instructions.

Such as: gear rack, guide slider, large and small gears, cylinders, lifting system, etc., are components that need to be lubricated.

2. Check the lift, check the oil quality and oil level.

Because the lift mainly depends on hydraulic oil for lifting, it must be closely checked, and cross-operation is prohibited during inspection to prevent accidents.

3. Check the conveyor.

When the transmission power of the conveyor is insufficient, maintenance should be carried out, and if it is found that the link part is loose, it should also be reinforced.

4. Check the spindle system.

Check the gear rack, guide slider, cylinder and other parts to see if there is any abnormal noise and whether it should be lubricated. If there is any loosening, it should be reinforced.

5. Check the rotating platform system.

Check to see if there is any abnormality in the reducer, whether there is wear and tear on the gear, and if you find any wear and tear, you should replace it in time.

LWT single column palletizer

(LWT Single Column Palletizer)

Automatic palletizer liberates workers from heavy labor and helps enterprises to achieve rapid production. High automation and intelligence will also be the major trend of factories in the future.

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Post time: Jul-02-2021
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