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magnetic can washing machine

magnetic can washing machine

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Magnetic can washing machine 

Magnetic washing/ washing machine /can washing machine (key words)

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The machine is used for tinplate can,ring-pull can continued cleaning,adopt steam heating way,temperature is adjustable,it adopt high pressure standard nozzle. It has good cleaning efficiency,reasonable structure,stable work performance,high efficiency,it is ideal equipment of canned food beverage production line.


Model LW-CW300 LW-CW100
Produce Capacity 100-300cans/minute 50-100cans/minute
Washing section 2 section washing 1 section washing
The can diameter 40-150mm 40-150mm
The motor power 1.5kw 1.1kw
The machine weight 1000kg 800kg
Dimension 3000*900*1000mm 2000*900*1000mm



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