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Floor level palletizer

Floor level palletizer

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LW palletizers series used for food and beverage, chemical industry, etc;its Package is suitable for all kinds of cartons, plastic boxes, the stretch film and barrels, and other types of packaging’s stack , Machiner’s hosts include the double speed belt、steering mechanism、sorting box area、pallet carton area、main part lifting mechanisby、pallet output roller line etc.
Structural framework for the welding way, strong and durable and has adjustable base functions, the main lifting platform USES the SEW motor drive, entry speed conveyor belt to separate into the box, entry expedite conveyor belt  to separate into the box to separation、The stack area roller conveyor、2.5m Chain conveyor output、free roller conveyor、use the safety protection device、USES Germany Siemens PLC control system, man-machine interface, portable fault automatic display.

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