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Flaping machine

Flaping machine

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    Flaping machine

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    the flaping machine has a refined appearance, convenient maintenance, simple operation, high flap efficiency, and a flap rate of over 95%.

    The flapping machine is composed of a transmission reduction motor, a roller chain transmission system, an upper and lower nylon brush cylinder, a spray pipe system, a frame and a slag tray. The whole machine is made of 304 stainless steel.

    Leadwoeld machinery The top and bottom nylon brush roller is driven by a geared motor in the form of chain drive. The upper and lower rolling gaps are adjustable. It has been adapted to different sizes of peach petals. The feeding port of the device is higher than the discharge port. Under the action of its own weight and the conveying roller, it moves from the feeding port to the discharging port, and the flapping action is completed under the action of the upper and lower brush rollers, so that the downward direction of the peach petals slides out from the discharge chute and conveys. The upper part of the drum is equipped with a spray pipe, which sprays a proper amount of clean water to lubricate during the flapping process, and enhances the effect of the flap: the bottom of the transport drum is equipped with a slag tray for collecting fine residue and waste water, and slag is collected. The disc is easy to clean, and the bottom is equipped with Φ32mm hose joints, which is convenient for users to concentrate on wastewater treatment.

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