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filled cans washing machine

filled cans washing machine

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Filled cans washing machine

Cans washing machine/ washing machine/ drying machine(key words)

Detailed description:

It is applied to clean and dry outside surface of all kinds of canned fruit bottle ,canned meat bottle,sauce bottle and all kind of drinks bottle,(specialized in washing and drying the adhensive sugar water and other adhensive outside of the sealed canned products bottle or beverage bottle), applying for tin cans ,glass bottles and plastic bottles.

Main product:



Main technical parameter:

Model LW-WB6000
stepless speed 6-30m/min
Capacity 50-300cans/min,
Pipeline speed  6-30m/min
Scope of application  Cans Dia 40-180mm,height40-200mm
The motor power 0.75kw,10-50 r/min
Dimension 4600*800*1400mm
Sanitary pump 0.75kw*2  12.5T/h
Fan 7.5kw

Machine features:

The whole machine adopts SUS304 stainless steel manufacturing,reduce pollution,ensuring healthy of the products.

High degree of automation, automatic tempreture control, good finish washing.

Using Acrylic hood, the whole cleaning process can be seen

Double cleaning design, washing water can be recycled.

Advanced machine design structure,easy to clean,water tank large diameter drain hole.


Capping machine




filled cans palletizer


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