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crate washing machine

crate washing machine

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Crate washing machine

Washing machine/plastic crate washing machine/crate washing machine

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Automatic case/crate/basket/pallet washing machine mainly used in food processing plants (slaughtering ,meat, aquatic products,fruit and vegetable, beverage, brewing ,etc) food logistic center , distribution center and disinfection of containers,pallets and other containers. Save manpower 7-8 peoples than manual cleaning method.

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Main technical parameter:

Model parameter  LW-WB600 LW-WB800 LW-WB1000
Process flow Hot wash,rinse Hot wash,high pressure wish,rinse,dry Hot wash,high pressure wish,rinse
Processing capacity 400-600pcs/h 600-800pcs/h 800-1000pcs/h
Dimension L650*W450*H400mm L650*W500*H400mm L650*W500*H400mm
Deal capacity L4000*W1600*H1700mm L8000*W1600*H1700mm L8000*W2000*H1700mm
Power AC380V 50Hz 7kw AC380V 50Hz 13kw AC380V 50Hz 17kw
Air Pressure 300L/h 0.3Mpa 500L/h 0.3Mpa 500L/h 0.3Mpa
Steam consumption 80-120kg/h 0.5Mpa 120-200kg 0.5Mpa 120-240kg/h0 .5Mpa
Machine weight 700kg 900kg 1200kg
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