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clamping type bottle washer

clamping type bottle washer

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Clamping Type Bottle Washer

Bottler washer/ Automatic washer / glass bottle washer(key words)

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This machine is new type of bottle washing machine,which was developed This machine is a new type of bottle washing machine,which was developed and designed by Shanghai Leadworld Machinery Technology Co., Ltd on based on absorbing European、USA、Germany advanced technology.The machine use high temperature resistant gripper to grip the bottle,and is applicable to wash many different bottle shapes.the machine also can complete cleaning and blow drying process for such containers as glass bottle,and  PET plastic cans without changing any parts,only need to adjust.Thus,the machine is the first choice equipment for modern beverage and condiment manufacturer.

Main Technical Parameter

Model LW-WB6000 LW-BW10000
Capacity 4000-6000BHD 10000BHD
Bottle Bottle H:60-300mmBottle Neck:Φ40-Φ180mm
Motor power 5.35kw 5.35kw
Weight 1700kg 2000kg
Machine size 3200*1500*1800mm 4200*1500*2300mm


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