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Carton sealer

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    Case sealermachine is mainly suitable for the sealing and packaging of carton. It can be used in stand-alone operation or in combination with the assembly line. It can be used in single-box operation or matched with carton forming and unpacking machine, packing machine, labeling machine and conveyor. The packaging line is used to make the necessary equipment for the packaging line.
    1 Simple structure and easy maintenance
    2 Select Siemens PLC, Danfoss inverter, Schneider low-voltage electrical appliance and SEW motor, the performance of the whole machine is stable and reliable
    Main Technical Parameter:

    Maximum out of the box size: L450 * W400 * H400mm (can be customized)

    Minimum out of the box size: L200 * W150 * H100mm (can be customized)

    Folding box size: L200-600 * W200-500 * H150-500mm (can be customized)

    Bundle size: w800 * H600mm (customizable)

    Total power: 1.5kw

    Need air supply: 5-6kg / c㎡

    Suitable for PP belt: 0.5-1.0mm / width 9-15mm

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