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Chilli Slicer Canned Production Line

Chilli Slicer Canned Production Line

Processing flow of canned pepper: raw material selection,soaking,cleaning, slicing,filling,exhaust,sealing,sterilization,cooling,heat preservation, inspection, finished product packing.

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    Simple working process of chilli slicer canned production line:
    Raw material elevator to stem cutting machine→Stem cutting→washing→ de-watering→ selecting→cutting→ elevator to filling machine→chilli canned automatic filling →automatic liquid filling→lid loader→lid capping→sterilization&drying→labeling→ carton erector→carton packing→carton sealer→carton palletizer

    Product List:


    Descriptions:The elevator frame is 304 stainless steel. The conveyor is international food grade plastic.

    Speed is adjustable. Include feeding funnel.Parameters:Capacity:1000kg/h

    2.chilli stem cutting machine

    Descriptions:This pepper stem cutting machine include processing barrel, processing fresh pepper, capacity can arrive to 1000kg/h.

    3.washing machine

    Introduction:Our bubble cleaner is suitable for fresh fruits and vegetables such as: apple ,strawberry ,cherry ,dates ,raisin,cabbage ,mushroom ,lettuce. it is also suitable for marinated vegetables and medicinal materials. The cleaner is the ideal equipment of the vegetable and fruits industry .

    • all part of the machine made with full stainless steel
    • can process 1-10tons vegetable each day
    • also can be made according to customer demands

    4.shaking de-watering machine

    Descriptions:The whole machine is made of stainless steel. We adopt Adjustable frequency motor.

    5.Selecting conveyor

    L:6096mm*W:914mm(6”,24”,6”)*H:914mm with three lanes and wall H:38mm

    6.Automatic chilli cutting machine

    Descriptions:Automatic multifunctional vegetables cutting machine, it can process onion, cabbage, radish, chilli and so on. It can cut vegetables into slicer, strip, thickness is adjustable. The conveyor speed and rotated cutter speed is adjustable, controlling separated.

    7.Automatic chilli canned filling machine

    Input the soft candy into the funnel of elevator, shaking elevator funnel feed soft candy to the elevator conveyor, until elevate them to the computer combined scale to weigh. Then the computer combined scale store the soft candy into its funnel, and the conveyor convey bottle to the below of the scale, when the bottle arrive to the discharging mouth, there is induction at the system, the scale will fill, this process finish.

    8.10 heads Liquid filling machine(set liquid level)

    LW series filling machine adopts the principle of microcomputer control flow design and produce,is suitable for filling water to medium viscosity products,is the ideal equipment for general cosmetic, liquor, medicine, food, pesticides,oil factory,etc.

    9.Automatic vacuum capping machine

    This machine is made of bottle conveyoer, lid loading device, bottle clamping device, vacuum system, capping device, electrical controlling device.

    10.Bottle sterilization and cooling machine(Water path pasteurization)

    This machine adopts good quality 304 stainless steel, mainly is used to many kinds of canned, flavoring products’s pasteurization. It is made of hot water container, cold water container, automatic heating system, water circulation pump. Stable feature, easy to operate. When sterilize, the machine is controlled by electrical temperature controller, transducer. Water bath sterilization. Match with several temperature display. Perfect sterilization feature, good sterilization effect.
    This machine work whole automaticlly. Automatic sterilization, automatic temperature controlling, automatic cooling, automatic drying.

    Accessories list:

    Vacuum pump                  Nantong, China                                                                                                 
    Pressure gage ATC, Taiwan
    Belt Imported from other country
    Bearing HCH, Zhejiang
    Motor V.T.V, BEIJING
    Pneumatic element ATC, Taiwan
    Motor XINLING, zhejiang
    Rotating cylinder BOLEFU, Zhejiang
    PLC Schneider, Franch
    Transducer Schneider, Franch
    Touch screen Weinview, Taiwan
    proximity switch Omron, Japan



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