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If you do not master the technological innovation, the large open market can only get "small profits", in order to get "big" one, developing long-term investment in technological innovation is necessary. The most fundamental driving force for the advancement of LEADWORLD is from within the company. The most wicked cases that could interrupt LEADWORLD from advancing is when we are too selfish, arrogance and lack of thought.

A quality product can not only determine the fate of a company, but also represent the character of the company.

Market competition is inevitable in our world today. Products that are almost achieving the market demand and marketable are the most powerful weapons. Strengthening the development capability and rapid response capability for the market is very important for market competition. Responsibility is the most basic and the most important character from a person. A responsible cadre or leadership team can do a good job for the company.LEADWORLD is a company, and it is a company that requires thousands of people to achieve success for generations.


Enterprise Vision: Build Centennial LEADWORLD and creating an international brand

Corporate character

Honesty and integrity

Entrepreneurial spirit

Respect, dedication, innovation and efficiency

Marketing concept

Technology leads the market and speed preservation technology

Scientific and technological purposes

technology incubation industry, originality to ensure advantages, technology and humanity.

Quality concept

Quality can't make a company proud, but it can make a company lose its damage.

Corporate style

Strict requirements and vigorous

Brand concept

The core value of the brand – the unremitting pursuit of technological innovation and product quality.

International philosophy

Internationalization of ideas, internationalization of brands, and internationalization of competitiveness

Service tenet

Customer first, fair service. |[Our Strategy]|Consider the future from the very beginning Creating value in a continuous way, this consideration is not just for ourselves, it is equally important to our customers. Therefore, we continue to research and develop products, expand new markets in this way, reduce the consumption of raw materials, and prepare for future customer needs.

Innovation is a fundamental reason for achieving sustainable development! We know that we cannot achieve sustainable development on our own. Achieving this goal depends on the close cooperation of many different stakeholders, from suppliers and customers in our value chain, to government agencies, NGOs, and more. Similarly, applying the same idea from the past is not achievable for sustainability. Whether it is new technology or a new way of working, innovation is a fundamental factor in achieving sustainable development.

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