Shanghai Leadworld Machinery assists the development of canned enterprises for automation equipment

Shanghai Leadworld Machinery assists the development of canned enterprises for automation equipment


Shanghai Leadworld Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional canning line manufacturer. It provides the latest and more reasonable production line and capacity planning for the whole plant planning and plant layout. After years of development, customers have exchanged ideas and products. The line is constantly updated, upgraded and enriched.

At present, our design department combines various robots and visual recognition technologies to achieve more advanced automation for each process, and to provide a more efficient and cost-effective production line for the production line of canned food manufacturing enterprises.

First, Lin Jiapu

Shanghai Leadworld Machinery designed and manufactured the fruit canning production line of the whole plants for Lin Jiapu, especially the automatic solids filling system. From the intensive labor of the canning industry in the past, the whole line automation is finally been made which greatly improved the productivity. The labor productivity of Linjiapu before the transformation was 120kg, and the labor productivity after was 350kg with our machinery, achieving a three-fold increase in labor productivity capacity. It also reduces the labor intensity and solves the industrial problems such as difficulty in recruiting workers.

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Second, the Home Red (Jia Jia Hong)

    The Home Red canned fruit production line project includes pre-treatment equipment (from raw material supply to peach peeling) – selection line – automatic depalletizer (glass bottle) – automatic bottle washer – automatic canning machine – automatic palletizer The production line is provided by Niewei for the whole set of production layout; (Since the construction of the plant began to synchronize planning and design, the production is more reasonable and smoother, we can provide free planning for each company, and hope to become a company in the construction and transformation of various enterprises. Preferred partner on the top.)sdad (2)

Third, Shanghai Meilin

Shanghai Leadworld Machinery designed the production line for sauce production line, luncheon meat, ham meat and Babao rice for Shanghai Meilin. It customized the washing and washing tanks, canning, automatic loading and unloading cages and automatic packaging lines, and completed the upgrade of each old production line. Transformation.

Through the upgrading of various production lines, Merlin’s production capacity has increased by 1.5 times, saving 50% of labor, and it is easier for personnel to recruit people, greatly reducing the labor intensity of workers’ jobs.

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Fourth, Jiangsu Yuguan Modern Agriculture

    Niewei Machinery provided the entire production line upgrade for the Jiangsu Yucan modern agricultural mushroom production line: the push tank loading and unloading cages used in the original production line were all replaced by magnetic loading and unloading cages, empty cans for unloading, and real tanks, which reduced injuries. Cans, broken cans, flat cans to avoid scratches and abrasions.

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As a reputable canned food machinery manufacturer, many big companies have chosen Leadworld and we are willing to walk with you too!

Post time: Jul-31-2018
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